Welcome to the official website of the North Carolina Internal Affairs Investigator’s Association. Our organization is committed to providing training to our members to assist them as they deal with the investigations of administrative issues within their agencies and concerns from their communities.

Our mission in the NCIAIA is to equip our members, new and old, with the tools they need to provide the most professional services possible to the citizenry they serve. The fact of whether an agency may be small or large is immaterial as someone is always given the task of ensuring that their members keep a high level of integrity and professionalism in their daily duties.

This year the Associations goals are to host (1) Basic Internal Affairs Schools, (1) Advanced Shooting Investigation School, (1) Annual Training Conference, and increase membership in our association by 20%.  One additional goal is to intersperse some training on the unfortunate topic of police suicides. The dates, times and places for training will be forthcoming and I encourage you to stay vigilant to our website for details.

If your agency is not a member, please join us and provide your comments and suggestions as well as experience to enable our association to grow and prosper. In addition, all current members are encouraged and indeed have a responsibility to make sure your agency maintains its membership in our association.  You may do this by viewing the membership status page on this site at any time.

I am very excited to be serving as President of this great association and I am always open to addressing other groups and associations to promote the NCIAIA.  The networking possibilities are greatest when we open our minds to the thoughts and positions of others.

We are looking forward to an exciting and prosperous year in the NCIAIA and I would like to thank Past President K. Perry for his excellent leadership and the guidance that he provided to this association over this past year.

Thank you for visiting the NCIAIA website and again, if you are not a member, we encourage you to become one today and take advantage of the resources available to you. We are only too happy to welcome new members into our midst.


Lt. Brian Mote


North Carolina Internal Affairs Investigators Association