Chaplain’s Corner


By Chaplain Terrence Merriweather

For whatever reason you were led to this page, I hope you find something here that you can use to strengthen your faith or that you may share with others.

It is important for one to truly understand where God wants them to be in life and how to follow His Word.  God has a purpose for all of us; however, we must be willing to step out on faith and follow God’s message with biblical principles.  Many times we become complacent in our jobs.  Sometimes God requires us to leave our comfort zone to witness to others.  We were all created in God’s image (Gen 1:27, King James Version).  However, not all live for the glory of God and would rather serve evil as their master (Matt 6:24). One has to be willing to accept their calling, live for His purpose, bring the living stones to Christ, and convert all that are willing to spiritual sacrifice to God (1 Pet 2:5).

Those who are called to serve in law enforcement are peacemakers and are considered to be “sons of God,” which is an honor and blessing (Matt 5:9).   As police officers, we have many opportunities to show others how people should be treated.  One must understand that we are not meant to conform, but to transform by the renewed spirit and mind, thus allowing non-believers to see that which is good and acceptable to God (Rom 12: 2).  This all relates to the job that one is blessed to have.

Our actions should not be just to arrest and convict the persons, but to convert them over to the correct way of thinking.  Our vocation allows us to not only speak to peoples’ hearts and witness the goodness of God, but it also allows them to see how we go through trials and tribulations of our own.

While it is not easy being a police officer in America, neither is being a champion for Christ.  God gave His only begotten son, so one should be a fighting force to not just have faith in the Lord but do works of faith for Him (Jam 2:18).   At the end of the day, whatever job God gives us, we should show our good works and let our light shine for His glory (Matt 5:16).

May God continue to bless you with favor in your life.